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As G Point Audio finished setting their room up by 5.30, this left me with some free time to explore other parts of Whittelbury Hall, so I made my way down to the large space that has a number of exhibitors set up in the very large room that is the Brooklands Suite so it resembles a market.

On entering the room I saw many exhibitors setting up – some I know and some I don’t – and as I stood there watching them set up a thought came to me i.e to expand the Prologue feature to include a few more exhibitors. Rather than add to the G Point Audio feature I decided to create an Exhibitors Prologue Part Two and here it is.

Track Audio

Mike Butler of Track Audio was very busy setting up his stand – with the help of  Bony from Emporium West- when I arrived in the part of the Brooklands Suite where he was exhibiting.

As well as the usual range of speaker stands, isolation spikes and platforms he was also exhibiting some lovely AMR kit in the form of an AM77 amplifier (another was added later on during the show), DP777 DAC and a pair of LS77 speakers. Mike was also showing a Linn LP12 with Isolator spikes fitted – interesting.

Another item – put together for the show – for the well-heeled Track Audio customer into Computer Audio was a Track Audio laptop stand.

Mains Cables R Us

Just around the corner from Track Audio David Brook had what seemed like the entire floor of the Brooklands Suite covered in the items he was exhibiting and hoping to sell during the course of the show.

While his exhibition area was relatively small, the fact that David had hundreds of items to put in their right place means he really had his work cut out for him, so I did not intrude on his set up time for very long – just long enough for a quick chat and to take a few photos.

More on his stand in the main show report.

Time Step

Like David Brooks Dave Cawley of Time Step was very busy setting up his stall when I went for a walk about the Brooklands Suite – though in fairness he had a lot less to do than poor old David Brooks.

More on what David was exhibiting in the main show report.

Thanks go to the exhibitors who kindly allowed me intrude upon their set up time to take photos for this part of the show report.

Part One of Adventures in High Fidelity Audio’s 2012 National Audio Show coverage will begin properly with Part One, The Brooklands Suite, very shortly.


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