Jan 082019
The State of Independence - Northern Sounds 2 - Bending Sounds

Its a sad fact that Bangor town has had no music retailer since January 2012 when HMV closed its doors in the town. Over the years Bangor has had numerous record shops, from Smyths for Records, Unicorn Records, Harrison/Musique, Kosmos, Underground Music, Plastic Passion, The Record and Tape Centre, Aquarius Music, MTM and Sho’nuff, to name a few of the independents that traded there over the years, but after HMV closed its doors in the town there had been no new music retailing in the town until Bending Sounds started trading in April 2017 …….

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Dec 112018
AudioQuest Dragonfly Red - Diminutive Super Star

Who would have thought, that so much could be packed into such a small space, and sound so good. As I look at the AudioQuest DragonFly Red, weigh it in my hand, turn its shiny red body over and over, I am gob smacked by just what this tiny product can do, diminutive in size, modest cost, and yet truly it punches well above its weight in terms of soundquality…..

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