Jan 142016
Coconut Audio's Vibradome Blue Star - Into The Unknown

‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’   Firstly my heartfelt apology to Kamilla Liljegren of Coconut Audio, who contacted me last year (June) out of the blue to review one of her ‘Tweaks’, as she markets them, the Vibradome Blue Star. […]

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Feb 082015
Track Audio/JBE Series 3 Slate-deck - Revisited

  Sometime ago – in AIHFA (1) – I reviewed the excellent, beautifully made Track Audio Isolation Feet, in the context of an isolation platform, subwoofer, Ruark Equinox speakers and as replacements for the Mico Seki microsorber feet that the direct drive JBE Series 3 turntable came with as standard. The standard Track Audio Isolation […]

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Oct 032013

Among the top of the heap topics to generate nuclear exchanges on audio forums would be, ‘do cables make a difference/improvement over basic cables?’ And this type of hotly debated thread, be it signal cables or mains cables focussed will usually end in circular arguments between those who can hear differences and those who can’t, […]

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Feb 042011
TRACK AUDIO  600/700 PRECISION STAND MOUNT SPEAKER STANDS..... redefining speaker support !

Back in September 2010 at the Whittlebury Hall Show I came upon a new company called Track Audio who had a range of new speaker supports on display. The items were very interesting but sadly there was no information about them, in their exhibition space and being pressed for time I had to move on. Mentioning […]

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Dec 052010
THE MINT LP BEST TRACTOR....making cartridge alignment accurate.

Recently I have been pursuing a Technics 1200/1210 related review project (1) and that has included trying a few arms, cartridges, mats and PSUs on the turntables and during the course of doing that the subject of this particular review came about. After 23 years of success using a selection of alignment protractors and one […]

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