Aug 042013
High Fidelity Cables CT1 Digital Cable - 'Redefining the SPDIF Interconnect'

In this day and age of USB driven DAC’s and computers being used as digital music transports its nice to see a company still prepared to develop a new coaxial digital cable for traditional – I will resist saying legacy – SPDIF digital data transfer (1) Despite the growing popularity of computers as sources of […]

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Dec 182012

Its fairly easy to make the assumption – and I did – that just because a computer is involved that cables won’t make any difference and as I have found out that assumption would be totally wrong. There are those that argue, as there also are in traditional audio circles – but for different reasons – […]

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Dec 232011
TRUSOUNDZ CABLES PART ONE....The 'Revelation' Balanced & Unbalanced interconnects and Speaker Cable

Around about the same time that LW Audio sent me the Stereoknight Silverstone and Enigma pre-amplifiers to review, I was also sent a quantity of cables from TrusoundZ, a cable brand I had not come across before visiting the March Heathrow HiFi Show at the Park Inn, where LW Audio distributors of SteroKnight were using […]

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Jun 022010
MARK GRANT G1000HD... Are these cables as good as some say they are ?

When the opportunity arose to formally review the Mark Grant G1000HD (High Definition) interconnect cables, I jumped at the chance but I was also keenly aware of a great deal of the opinion that surrounds these cables both on-line and recently in print. Now a good audio reviewer should have both an open mind and […]

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