Dec 032013
Using EMT TSD cartridges in non-EMT arms

This may only be of a niche interest to a tiny minority of readers. However there is some interest in using these professional cartridges in domestic audio systems where the tonearm uses the widespread and conventional SME/EIA bayonet fixing [1]. Introduction First of all it has to be understood that EMT cartridges were specifically designed […]

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Oct 142010
HP's VINTAGE REVIEW 3 The Nakamichi CA-5EII/PA-5E (and the ST-7 FM tuner, in passing)

Hello, and welcome to the next of my series of reviews of vintage equipment. First, I only write about equipment that I have had extended, direct and personal experience of either as an end-user or retailer – or both. I don’t get involved in measurements. During 34 years of involvement I have heard far too […]

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Sep 152010
HP's Vintage Test: Quad 44 - all you want to know, and possibly more than you need to know

First, the original ‘desert-storm’ (my phrase) beige and the to me far farmore attractive grey. Back in the 1980s at Subjective Audio, I was a keen if not particularly successful QUAD retailer. I sold sufficient of their electronics, but not too many loudspeakers. I can’t clearly recall how or why this imbalance occurred. What I do recall […]

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Jul 232010

Being reminded once again of the Decca ‘magic’ – the Decca Mk. VI cartridge revisited. Having been granted a special exeat from the Alan Dowker Blumlein retirement home for distinguished audio components, the Decca cartridge was allowed out for good behaviour. I was interested in re-visiting the Decca design and the following notes and observations apply […]

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Apr 272010

In order to give some background to the upcoming tuner comparison review in Adventures in High Fidelity Audio (mentioned here on AIHFA for the first time Link…. ) Since publishing that preview of the forth coming mega tuner review, I have decided to re-publish in full (with a few revisions) the review that was the […]

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