Dec 112018
AudioQuest Dragonfly Red - Diminutive Super Star

Who would have thought, that so much could be packed into such a small space, and sound so good. As I look at the AudioQuest DragonFly Red, weigh it in my hand, turn its shiny red body over and over, I am gob smacked by just what this tiny product can do, diminutive in size, modest cost, and yet truly it punches well above its weight in terms of soundquality…..

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Dec 292016
Veracity Audio - Mystra DAC - New Heights, Scaled !

Out of the blue back in August I received an email from, as it later turned out Gregor Szymczyk of Veracity Audio titled ‘DAC Test’, and being honest initially I viewed it as being a phishing email – I was getting a lot of these at the time, all getting increasingly clever, and tailored to try […]

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Jul 032016
Kennerton Audio Magister and Ego Headphone Amplifier/DAC - Headphone Magic ?

Kennerton Audio are a new name to me, a higher end division of the Russian company Fischer Audio (also a new name to me) but apparently a big deal in the headphone/in ear phones world, a world I confess I know precious little about. I think it only fair to say right from the get […]

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Mar 082015
Luxman DA 100 Digital to Analogue Converter - Good Things In Small Packages ?

  The audio world is awash with DACs, streamers and servers these days, all vying to give the end user access to the world of computer audio, be it, Red Book 16 bit 44.1, Hi resolution files 24 bit, 88/96/192, streamed or the hot new kid (actually an older kid Mr SACD) in town DSD […]

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Apr 102013
THE ABBINGDON MUSIC RESEARCH DP777 DAC.... 'Crossing the Rubicon or How I learnt to Love Computer Audio'

A few words before the review. I am well aware this review is quite late – it should have been completed and published Dec 2012 and is also now out of sequence so to speak with the Wireworld USB cable reviews and the iFi Audio iDAC and iUSB Power reviews which should have followed it […]

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Dec 182012

Its fairly easy to make the assumption – and I did – that just because a computer is involved that cables won’t make any difference and as I have found out that assumption would be totally wrong. There are those that argue, as there also are in traditional audio circles – but for different reasons – […]

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