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Welcome to Adventures in High-Fidelity Audio a new online Magazine, which aspires to be your new guide to all things Hi-Fi and music.

It is my vision to make this more than, just another on-line vanity project Blog. Indeed I will be using this opportunity to present reviews of audio products from all over the world and in more detail than most current printed magazines, and some of the existing on-line audio titles.

When I first developed an interest in Hi-Fi, back in the late 1980s, the printed magazines of those days gave a much fuller picture, of how the items in for review sounded. This is a type/style of review known as *long form* and I intend to bring it back from the dead. So if you are tired of reading the type of review, which in my opinion resemble nothing more than extracts from a product brochure, and tells you very little about how a component sounds, then Adventures in High Fidelity Audio magazine is the place for you.  The products I will be writing about will be taken from both the affordable end of the audio market and the extreme High-End, and also the middle.

Adventures in High Fidelity Audio is a non-commercial, not for profit, no advertising (overt or open) site. I feel that it is important to state that right here at the beginning as only by doing  so can we truly claim to be an independent audio and music review magazine.

I chose High Fidelity for the title rather than HiFi, as this abbreviation of the former words sadly no longer carries the same meaning that it once did.  HiFi nowadays is used to describe everything from £50 lowest common denominator, of no recognisable brand, all in ones to multi thousand pound components and systems but in the mind of the general public it does not mean” High Quality sound that is faithful to the original recorded music” any more but any old thing that music comes out off. This online magazine only seeks out products that are truly high fidelity in their sound quality and in doing so I hope to restore understanding of the real meaning of what a HiFi should be and what many items that bare the name are not.

I want to champion quality sound, and the type of systems/products that can achieve that. To that end, this magazine will be free from compressed audio. So no Mp3, I-Pod type products will be featured here. These products have there place in the consumer market but not in my opinion, a system that seeks to scale the heights of High-Fidelity; which after all is what Hi-Fi should mean, and not the lowest common denominator sound quality that many these days, see, hear, and think music reproduction is about.

This title will cover CD players, Valve and Solid State amplification, Speakers, Vinyl playback, Cabling, Analogue and Digital recording and the many accessories that can improve a system or components sound quality.

As Neil Young quotes on his album/CD covers “Sound quality matters” and it will be to that drum that this magazine will march. It is my hope that you will march with me and if you are new to the wonders of audio that you will join us in our quest for the best sound, you can get, at many different price points.

Not only will we be writing about the latest cutting edge audio technology but also the best the past has to offer. The world of vintage Hi-Fi is full of excellent items, many long since forgotten by the mass market but still offering fantastic sound quality and at bargain prices; E-Bay and used audio lists are full of them. I will tell you what’s good and what’s bad and the things you need to be aware of.  I intend to cover Reel to Reel tape machines, Valve and Solid State FM tuners and anything else which I think will be of interest to my readers.

This title will be written from a subjective point of view and while I acknowledge the importance of measurements in audio design and even in trying to correlate the listening experience. The truth is that in my opinion our ears and mind should form the main basis for picking the systems we listen to music on. Measurements only tell you so much, and in general not how the component  will actually sound in your system.

Music will also form an important part of this magazine and I ( with other contributors) will regularly feature reviews on current and back catalogue recordings. While sound quality will be an important part of those reviews, artistic merit and performance will also be taken into account.

Many reading the above will no doubt ask the question…”So what qualifies you to do this ?” This is a very good question…..

I have roughly 25 years experience in the world of audio, both as a retailer (from junior sales positions to managing a shop) and also more importantly I am a passionate audio enthusiast, who has many years of experience in system matching and component assessment.

For the last year and a half I have also been part of the management team behind the scenes on The Art Of Sound Forum. It was here that I first began writing audio and music related reviews and I owe the team there much gratitude for their support and encouragement.

So welcome to the journey and Adventure that High-Fidelity Audio is, and can be !


Coming  next…..  Listening Rooms

I feel it is the ideal for the reader of any audio review to be able to understand the full context in which that review was conducted. To that end this article outlines the main context in which Adventures in High Fidelity Audio reviews are conducted i.e the owner/publisher’s main and secondary listening room systems.


First Review…..  The Ecofan Sound 6A3 Power Amplifier.

I am very pleased to announce that the honour of the very first published review in Adventures in High Fidelity Audio goes to Ecofan Sound’s exciting 5 watt Class A valve power-amplifier the 6A3.

While New Zealand based audio companies are few in number and despite the fact that Ecofan Sound have been trading for a number of years, the brand and their owner/ designer Murray Dick are virtually unknown in the Northern hemisphere….. well the secret is out now !

N B The photos used on this site, are for the most part mine (system shots etc) and some are obtained from manufacturers and distributors of the items I review. Copyright of my images belongs to me and the Coypright of the other images belongs with their owners.

Other images used from time to time are when possible credited to and permission asked( if possible) for their non-commercial usage. In the case of those images used Copyright belongs with their owners/publishers(even if they are not known by me) so if there should be a problem in my using of them please don’t hesitate to contact me and they can be removed.


It has been pointed out to me that some confusion might occur between this magazine and an audio retailer with a similar name. I wish to make it very clear that there is absolutely no link between adventuresinhifi the audio/video retailer and Adventures in High Fidelity Audio.


So if you are on here looking for them, then you are in the wrong place. Click on this link which will take you to their Home page http://www.adventuresinhifi.com/catalog/index.php (the placing of this link here should not be seen as an advertisement for this company)


Adventures in High Fidelity Audio uses hifi rather than High Fidelity in the web address to aid Google SEO and for no other reason. HiFi is used more often in audio related searches than the words High Fidelity.

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