Jun 212011

Le Trio Joubran – Majâz (2007, Harmonia Mundi, RANDANA RAND 002) Le Trio Joubran are three brothers: Samir, Wissam and Adnan, descendents from a Palestinian family of oud (a North African and Middle Eastern pear-shaped fretless lute) makers and players going back four generations. Their mastery of the oud is singular and so is the harmony and […]

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Dec 152010

A fascinating insight into the remarkably rapid development of a genre. Stone-cold classic or sacred cow? With synth-pop a prevalent pop force again, La Roux and Little Boots carrying torches first lit in the late 1970s, first-wave acts like Heaven 17 are arguably more fashionable now than ever before. The Sheffield band’s 1981 debut album is regularly […]

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Dec 152010
BONOBO - BLACK SANDS......"Bonobo has blossomed into something beautiful at his own pace."

Bonobo has blossomed into something beautiful at his own pace. There was little in Bonobo’s first two albums – 2000’s Animal Magic and 2003’s Dial ‘M’ For Monkey – to suggest that Simon Green could ever craft anything as grand, expansive and accomplished as Black Sands. Back then his moniker could almost have referred to […]

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Oct 142010
THE MUSIC OF ISMAEL LO..... An appraisal of the albums 'Dabah' and ‘Sénégal’

Ismaël Lo – ‘Dabah’ and ‘Sénégal’ When it comes to Africa, the western part of the continent seems to enjoy an almost disproportional status amongst lovers of African music. In particular, the countries of Senegal and Mali are most notable in this respect. Now whilst most have heard of Youssou N’Dour and Baba Maal (both […]

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Jul 142010
GRASSCUT - 1inch 1/2 Mile.....melodies and songs don't need to be sacrificed to make avant garde music.

Grasscut – 1inch 1/2 Mile   Ninja Tune ZEN CD145 2010 The brains behind this wonderful new album album on the Ninja Tunes label are Andrew Phillips and Marcus O’Dair. Andrew Philips is an award-winning film and television composer with over 100 screen credits and he is also a former keyboard player, vocalist and arranger […]

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Jul 052010
LAURIE ANDERSON - HOMELAND.....After nearly 10 years, finally a new studio album arrives.

Laurie Anderson-Homeland (Nonsuch records5240055-2) deluxe CD with DVD 2010 It’s hard to believe but it is nearly 10 years since Laurie Anderson’s last studio album, Life on a String (nonesuch lc00286) and unlike that album and the preceding one Strange Angels (WB 9 25900-2) this new work has more in common with her earlier material […]

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