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Well as has become tradition for me – since starting the Exhibitors Prologue way back in 2010 – I arrived at the National Audio Show 2012, held at Whittelbury Hall one day early in order to chronicle the arrival, unloading and setting up of an exhibitioners room. This year it was my honour to do so for G Point Audio a new distribution company for many of Poland’s finest audio companies: Ancient Audio, Lampizator, Albedo Cables, Linear Audio Research to name a few.

I had not met Grzegorz Drygala – Greg – before though we had spoke on the phone a few times so it was nice to meet him in the flesh and thus be able to put a face to the voice.

I arrived at Whittelbury at around 11 am and after a quick call, Greg met me in the hotel foyer and shortly after: he, myself, the owner of Auto Tech and designer of the Horns.PL speakers Lukasz Lewandowski and his Father-in-law began unloading the vans.

First out were the Auto Tech Universum.3 active bass, horn speakers and these were taken out of a massive crate which the four of us lifted out of a van that had just done a 2000km journey from Poland.

After unloading the speakers carefully – they look like the kind of speakers that Daleks might use – we then unloaded a second van which had less of a journey but for some of the contents no less traumatic one, as some of the items that had been delivered to Greg recently had bein involved but survived – more or less – a fatal road crash in Germany (1) – such are the trials and tribulations of an audio distributor.

Among the items we removed from the second van was a Toshiba SD 9500 DVD player which had been modified by the Lampizator with a dedicated audio digital output. I own the predecessor of this particular player, so I was quite interested to hear why it was so favoured.

The answer Greg gave me was that quite simply the transport mechanism in this particular DVD player and the Lampizator modification turns a pretty good DVD video/audio player into a quality CD transport. During the show this machine was used through a Linear Audio Research amplifier Model 30 and a pair of Auto Tech FB10 speakers.

It has to be said that the unloading area at Whittelbury Hall was bedlam at times, while we decanted the contents of the two vans and I felt it a little unfair that Greg was not given the space and time to unload fully. Instead he was forced to remove his vans before any of the highly valuable equipment was moved into the relative safety of the hotel. G Point Audio was thus forced to leave all the equipment at the side of the hotel – with rain threatening and then actually falling during the last stages of the equipment being moved into the hotel.

After a fair amount of effort – thanks to the other exhibitors who helped from time to time – among the four of us we moved all of the equipment up to the first floor room G Point Audio had been allocated (room 154) – thankfully just round the corner from a lift – and it was then time to begin the set up of the room.

It was fascinating to watch the Universum 3’s being assembled and speaking to their designer Lukasz Lewandowski who despite struggling a bit with his English still managed most eloquently to explain the history of his company and process by which the Universum’s were designed – much of which I am not permitted to share but what I am permitted I will include in my main show report.

After getting the Universum 3’s into the room I watched – Lukasz assemble them and I helped where I could.

With the tweeters attached the angle at which they point down was set.

Once a basic set up was assembled – initially this was the Toshiba 9500, with Elbedo cables and My Sound Qubes amplifiers – some preliminary listening was done to assess the room and not surprisingly there were quite a few issues, but after a fair bit of fiddling, careful placement of the speakers and the addition of two Synergistic Research Acoustic Art items, a Bass Station and a Vibratron being placed in the room these solved most if not all issues. (2)

I was aware of these products having seen them in use in ABC Audio’s room at previous shows but having heard the difference when Greg placed them in the room, one on the window-ledge behind the system and one on the floor and then removing them, really shocked me. I am lost for an explanation as to how these items work, but work they do and the effect was not subtle. (3)

Once the main system was set up – comprising of an Ancient Audio CD transport, Lampizator Transporter, Lampizator pre-amplifier/DAC, The My Sound Qube amplifiers, Albedo cables and the aforementioned Universum 3 speakers.

After many hours work setting up the end result was as good as could be got for the room size and the acoustic and that end result was pretty good – I will save more detail on this to the show report proper.

Also unpacked were the Auto Tech speakers the Mummies – they look like Mummy coffins hence the name – and the more conventional looking Auto Tech FB10 speakers – more on those in my full report.

I want to thank Greg and the guys from Auto Tech for allowing me to follow – from beginning to end – the setting up of their room and for stopping every so often to translate into English what was being said in Polish. I enjoyed my time with them on the Friday and later on during the show proper – though I regret not getting the time to go back and spend more time listening.

Greg and I have talked about the possibility of a few reviews for Adventures in High Fidelity Audio of the products he distributes in the future – so as they say watch this space as I hope we can arrange that sometime as I was fairly impressed with what I heard on the Friday and on the other show days.


(1) I want extend my personal condolences to the family of the courier who died at the wheel of his delivery lorry.

(2) The owners/management at Whittelbury had at some point decided to remove the curtains from some rooms – mostly the downstairs ones – and this was for many an issue at the NAS as it led to more lively acoustics than at past shows.

(3) You can read more about these here

G Point Audio

Auto Tech


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