Feb 272014

Thanks to Fernando Barbosa we can once again visit the just past Audio Jumble, held as usual at the Angel Leisure Centre Tonbridge. This year visitors had to battle their way through floods of near Biblical proportions to reach the venue and based on Fernando’s photos it looked like a good Audio Jumble – well worth visiting despite the weather.

The next Audiojumble, at the same venue, is on Sunday, 5th, October 2014.


Neil 2014 


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03251_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03279_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03270_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03274_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03273_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03267_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03266_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03264_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03262_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03258_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03260 (1)_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03256_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03255_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03254_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03252_1024x768










Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03285_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03277_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03280_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03283_1024x768


The most recent news from Vincent  the ifi micro baby's ystem_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03271_1024x768


Tonbridge and Malling-20140209-03278



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