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avatar1131_1It was with great sadness that I learn’t yesterday that Murray Dick (Jack Williams online nick-name) owner, designer, manufacture of EcoFan Audio had died suddenly.

I recall the first time I encountered one of Murray’s designs a fairly plain, slightly old fashioned and truth be told not particularly inspiring looking valve amplifier that a customer of mine, brought into the audio shop I worked in at that time.

Customers often brought audio bits and bobs in and enthused about them, and in this particular case Francis Campbell – who had met Murray in Auckland in 2000, and had been seduced by the sound his equipment was making, while walking down the street – who had brought in a 6A3 valve amplifier.


The shop wasn’t really the place to hear this and it wasn’t until sometime later after that particular period of employment had ended that I got to hear the 6A3 and matching EcoFan Audio pre-amplifier in the more suitable environment of my own upstairs second system. What I heard inspired me to write my first review, which was also the first review published in Adventures in High Fidelity Audio (1)


During the early years of AIHFA I got the opportunity to listen to and review some more EcoFan products including the, Triode 2000 (published on AOS), Boost It and Buffer Zone (2) and a great respect grew within me for what Murray had managed to achieve at fairly modest money.

EcoFan eschewed the normal manufacturer, distributor, retailer business model preferring to sell direct to the discerning customers, who preferred excellence of sound the EcoFan way to the less personal approach of other audio brands. EcoFan during its history made single ended, push pull and OTL power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and phonostages.

I wish I had got an opportunity to meet Murray in the flesh, but alas that was not to be and I deeply regret not buying a 6A3 amplifier, even though doing so would have required quiet a switch in system priorities but alas I didn’t and won’t be able to now.

Transformer winding time_768x1024

Murray wound the transformers for all his designs and hand assembled them, so EcoFan was never mass produced and so anyone owning one is among a select few of very privileged audio enthusiasts to hear music in away that has a clarity, delicacy and reality that many other audio designs can but aspire to.

New tube power supply.

Murray’s untimely and sudden death robs the audio firmament of one of its brightest stars, but a star that Murray’s somewhat laid back approach to life mean’t only burnt in New Zealand until I wrote about his 6A3 valve amplifier in Adventures in High Fidelity Audio. It was a very deep privilege and honour to have done this, to have heard his work, gained some insight into the Murray Dick way of thinking re audio, music reproduction and I envy those who own any of Murray’s amplifiers – truly you are blessed.

Rest In Peace Murray Dick your labours done.



The Funeral/Memorial is being held at Central Park Chapel of Davis Funerals, 150 Central Park Drive, Henderson, New-Zealand on Wednesday 23rd July 2014 at 1.30pm

Those who would like to can leave comments here http://notices.nzherald.co.nz/obituaries/nzherald-nz/obituary.aspx?n=murray-james-dick&pid=171791773


(1) http://www.adventuresinhifiaudio.com/17/03/2010/listening-rooms/

(2) http://www.adventuresinhifiaudio.com/01/06/2010/the-ecofan-sound-buffer-zone-and-boost-it-more-magic-from-new-zealand/

Murray joined AOS (The art of sound Forum) as Jack Williams and contributed to and made his own the thread I created to highlight the 6A3 Amplifier, you can read his musings and insights here. http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?1599-AOS-Exclusive-Review-of-Eco-Fan-Sound-Pre-Amp-and-Power-Amp


© Text and Photos Copyright 2014 Adventures in High Fidelity Audio. Except photos of Murray Dick and the EcoFan phonostage copyright resides with EcoFan Audio.

NB No part or portion of this article may be reproduced or quoted without written permission.

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  2 Responses to “Murray Dick – 15/7/14 – The Passing Of A Genius”

  1. I first met Murray in Sydney Australia back in the 1960s where we were working as radio repair technicians. Later I visited him in New Zealand on more than one occasion, he had restored a vintage Buick car which he decided to drive to England [ with a friend whose name escapes my ageing memory ] and possibly return via the USA. I had a short camping holiday with him in the car around the North Island prior to his is departure. I met him again in Sydney in the car on his way to India. He eventually reached England where we again met up for a 3 week trip around southern England [ not in the Buick ] . The car was left in England and he returned to New Zealand for a short while. Time passed Ecofon Amps started and the car was eventually sold in England. We kept in touch on occasions but I regret not as often as I should. I was stunned to hear of the untimely death of my friend Murray, one shouldn’t put off doing things until it’s too late.I have many memories to mull over.

  2. I agree Ron, time passes very quickly and as one gets older, it seems to flash past every quicker. I too am guilty of not following up on contact with friends, one always feels secure in that there is always a tomorrow to do these things. Sadly that’s not always the case.

    I never got to meet Murray in the flesh, a regret, but we did communicate by email from time to time and awhile back I suggested an interview about Ecofan and the man behind the designs but alas he was reluctant to do it and I didn’t press the matter – another regret.

    I count myself as blessed to have heard a few of his designs and in some small way introduced Ecofan to a wider audience.

    RIP Murray.

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