Dec 252016


I want to wish all the Adventures in High Fidelity Audio readers a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful, blessed and prosperous New Year.

I want to thank all those who have continued to support AIHFA, by reading my output and the manufacturers, distributors who continue to offer items for review – thank you.

I know my output is down again on last year and that weighs heavily on me, but ill health this year and feeling a degree of life related burn out has mean’t that frankly my heart was not into writing much this year. Being honest I thought about archiving the site and no longer writing, but the review I should publish in a day or so has rekindled my enthusiasm and so I will continue on with renewed life.

I am aware though that doing this alone is probably not the best way anymore and so I would ask that anyone interested in contributing articles, music, concert reviews should email me with their ideas for such. Anyone in the UK who would like to contribute audio equipment reviews and or show reports should also contact me.

I am hoping 2017 brings my readers whatever they need for health, happiness and fulfilment.



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