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The well established Hi-Fidelity Audio Show at the Park Inn Heathrow has been a staple of the UK’s yearly audio shows for quite a number of years now but this year will see its name change to that of The Audio World Show 2011 and according to the Chester Groups web site, despite word to the contrary circulating among audio professional and enthusiasts alike last year, it seems that perhaps the show won’t be moving venue.

Chester Group have this to say about the Park Inn….

The right venue, The right place, The right time…How true that is?

Very true, As we proved with the National Audio Show when we took the huge step of moving it from its long term location at Heathrow to its new location in Whittlebury, a shows venue is critical to its success. And our recently re-titled AUDIO WORLD is no exception . Established from scratch at Heathrow several years ago it quickly established itself at the Park Inn, this location continues into 2011. This event and its geographical position will predominate to the future. Finding venues like the Park Inn where everything is on one level, has decent size Suites that satisfy most exhibitors and is near to arterial transport hubs is never easy, and this venue has been pivotal in ensuring the shows survival and growth.’

‘Well AUDIO WORLD is a very important feeder event for the NATIONAL AUDIO SHOW and we see it as a long term fixture in the calendar. It appeals to the smaller and more specialist Manufacturer/Distributor, many of which are in the South, its highly eclectic and without doubt is regarded as the enthusiasts event of the year.
More importantly its location and venue help to keep exhibiting costs very low so that it continues to attract the smaller companies so important to providing our visitors with new and hard to find products.’
taken from Chester Groups website.

I for one am glad to read that, as I find the Park Inn to be a good venue for shows, having attended a number over the years. The general quality of sound achieved in the rooms at this particular show has in past years been very god indeed and in many cases better than what I heard at last years Whittlebury show. Being close to Heathrow airport also makes it much easier for those coming to the show by air, such as myself.

The show is running on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of March from 10 o’clock to 5 on the Saturday and 10 o’clock to 4 on the Sunday.

Adventures in High Fidelity Audio will be attending the show on both days and as usual I will bring you as complete a show report as is possible; starting a few days after the show.

See you at the show.

Neil further show information. exhibitors list.

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