Mar 212011

For the last few years an enthusiasts run and organised show has been running at the Scalford Hall Hotel in the UK and unlike most HiFi shows in the UK this particular event- is for the most part- run by the HiFi Wigwam audio forum,with members and management from other forums also taking part; most notably The Art of Sound.

In its early days, a few years ago, the Chester Group who run and organise most trade audio shows in the UK (including the upcoming Audio World 2011 show at the Park Inn Heathrow 26th and 27th of March) gave the HiFi Wigwam forum’s owner and members a leg up and helping hand to put the first show together. Now very much doing it themselves, this show goes from strength to strength and is now one of the best independent enthusiast shows in the UK.

I was unable to attend this years show but with the help of Philip Baron (who did) I am very pleased to be able to offer Adventures in High Fidelity Audio readers around the world a selection of photos, the majority taken at the show by Philip and in addition I also include a small selection by Alfie.


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