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Well I am just back from the National Audio Show 2011 which was held once again at Whittlebury Hall and as I have done previously, for the last couple of show reports, I will once again present the show preview I have named the ‘Exhibitor’s Prologue’. This show preview is mostly a photographic article, which gives The Adventures in High Fidelity reader a look behind the scenes of what was involved in the setting up of an exhibitors room. This show the company in question was John Howes and what a truly exciting occasion this was, in fact I would go so far as to say historical as it saw the first use of a Paul Voight design than had not seen the light of day in many years and in fact never before as a stereo design.

Setting the scene

Back in March of this year, at the Audio World 2011 show (held at the Park Inn) during an after show drink  with John Howes of Howes Acoustics told me all about his well developed  plans to bring the 1934  Paul Voight Memory Domestic Horn speakers back to life as a domestic stereo audio speaker and would I like to cover the set up of their room at the just past Whittelbury Hall show. I agreed immediately and during the months since then both John and his partner in Howes Acoustic’s Mike Blackwood, have kept me posted re the progress of the speakers development. Sadly I was unable to use that material, as a feature on the speakers had already been promised to HiFi News and Record Review but truthfully I was very happy to cover this part of the story and also be the first person to hear the speakers at the show.

Having met up with John Howes, his son Richard and Mike Blackwood the four of us proceeded to unload the large van and move the contents bit by bit to the room they where exhibiting in. This was a fairly mamoth task as the following photos will reveal.

I must thank John and his team for their patience as I took numerous photos.

I will cover the sound of the speakers and exact equipment used in the room in the full show report which I will publish in numerous parts over the next few weeks.


The Howes Acoustics Team, way too cheerful for their own good…..

from left to right Richard Howes, Mike Blackwood and John Howes

“Oh boy this is a big room!”

Howes Acoustics removal services……

John Howes White Van man…..

‘Contents revealed’

The room begins to fill with equipment…..

And the van begins to empty…….

John checks out his SME Model20, fitted with an SME 5, Kotesu Urishi Cartridge.

Unboxing a pair of Howes Acoustics Quad 2 amplifiers in a brand new finish.

New amplifier design

Building the HiFi Racks equipment tables

To me, to you, to me, to you……

The massive Howes Acoustics Voight ‘Memory’ speakers appear.

“I thought you said these were light !”

” I never said that.”

A close up of one of the Howes Acoustics ‘Memory’ speakers

Inside the belly of the beast.

The Mouth of the Beast

Deep Throat

“Last one”

The Travail

What a lovely pair

The room finally begins to takes shape

The left speaker is moved into position

Preparing the drive unit cavity to receive a Voxativ AC-Xp battery powered ‘Field Coil’ full range drive unit

The drive unit in all its glory


Fitting the Gena Lab speaker cables

‘Blinded by the Light’

Testing the led lighting system within the speaker. This lighting system can be remote controlled and different colours selected, either for a fixed colour or a rotation through the available colours.

The Voxativ battery and mains powered power supply which provides a charges for the AC-Xp field coil driver within the speakers.

Filling the rack with equipment

Sealing the driver enclosure

Setup completed

Job done

Link to Howes Acoustics

Link to Voxativ

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