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Whittlebury Hall Hotel

Whittelbury Hall is set in sprawling grounds just on the outskirts of the village of Whittlebury and within ear shot of the Silverstone motor racing track. The closest town of any size being the picturesque Towcester.

I arrived at Whittlebury Hall on Friday afternoon fairly early on and had a good chance to wander round the hotel (while waiting for my room to be made ready) and during this time I talked with a few of the exhibitors that I knew but in the main I just wandered round the ground floor corridors and the first floor exhibition areas trying to get a feel for the layout of the NAS show. A simple enough task you might think but alas the maze of corridors all looking the same would prove not just for me but show visitors and exhibitors alike a real challenge over the course of the weekend.

It was a theme of conversation from many I talked with during the weekend “I don’t know if I have been here before or missed a room or rooms” or a plaintive call from a show goer as I passed them in a faceless corridor “help where am I ?”

As I tried to find my way back to the hotel reception area I began to feel a lot like Theseus lost in the Minotaur’s maze under the city of Knossos. I neither had a ball of string with me nor a hotel corridors sat- nav to find my way back to the lobby area.

Having made my way back to the reception area and from there to my room (very nice by the way)I went for another walk and found myself outside the exhibition room of Select Audio and Abbingdon Music Research (AMR). I know Vincent Luke of AMR a little so I knocked on the door and found him hard at work setting up his equipment.

Vincent had brought to the show a AMR CD-77, AMR mains cabling and thousands of fuses which were part of a show promotion (review of the fuses and mains cable in a future edition of AIHFA ). Shortly after arriving in the room myself Steven Riddick of Select audio arrived and after a few trips from the hotel car-park to the room the flight cases and boxes containing the Verity Audio speakers and Luxman pre-power were opended.

While standing there watching I thought that AIHFA readers might be interested in a show report prologue; so here it is.

The Exhibitors Prologue…..

Very rarely do you ever see the sort of work that goes into setting up a room at a show so with Steven and Vincent’s permission I share with you a few images taken from that process in room 109.

Vincent and Steven un-crated from their flight cases the Verity Audio Amadis two part speakers and the Luxman M-600A power-amplifier and C-600f pre-amplifier. Cabling used included AMR, Reiymo and Basis interconnects and speaker cable.

Using guidance from Verity Audio relating to speaker positioning, Steven and Vincent began to position the speakers roughly and then with great care measuring out the distances from side and rear walls and establishing a toe-in angle. Yours-truly gave a hand in a few aspects of this and after awhile of step by step adjustments of speaker level and positioning the cabling was all hooked up.

During this process Steven and Vincent kept the AMR CD-77 powered up and any switch off periods were kept to less than a minute in order not to lose the warm up the AMR CD-77 had already had.

I was impressed with the care and attention taken during the set up of their room and the end results more than justified their somewhat anal attention to detail.

With a prior engagement to go to, I had to leave them to their work; which went on for quite some time after I left.


Thus Ends The Prologue….

Next Part One of the National Audio Show 2010 Show Report.

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