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Firstly I want to thank all of the Adventures in High Fidelity Audio readers around the world who have been with AIHFA since its inception back in April of this year and also those who have come aboard since then….. Thank you for your continuing support.

Many of those readers have sent Emails or left comments via the “comments function”, some of which I (or an AIHFA reviewer) have replied to in the open, on the magazine via the “reply to comments” function, or via a private Email. However some of the comments sent to AIHFA sadly have been unpublishable for various reasons, so I have decided to close the comment functionality of the magazine down (all existing published comments will however remain visible).

I have been debating doing this for quite some time, partly because of the spamming abuse this functionality allowed (despite good spam filters being in place ) and the kind of short one line comments being left that were more suitable for a forum rather than a magazine. So as I see Adventures in High Fidelity Audio first and foremost as a magazine rather than a Blog I have decided to make this change in the way comments can be made to the title; thus adding a degree more formality to the  procedure.

Adventures in High Fidelity Audio very much values your comments so please keep them coming but in future they will appear as part of a regular “Letters to AIHFA” feature.

One advantage of doing this is that it will allow more space to expand on the topic of the Email than the comments section at the end of the article/review allowed (lots of comments at the end of an article or review led to even more time required to scroll through to the end). Either myself or the writer of the article, or both of us will reply to these Emails so please write and format these in the way you would if you were writing to any of the other print or on-line audio magazines rather than the sort of short comment you might post to an audio forum or Blog.

You can send your comments, questions and suggestions via the

I look forward to reading your Emails.


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