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With this first report I want to welcome Fernando Barbosa to the small group of writers who contribute their words gratis to Adventures in High Fidelity Audio.

Fernando is a long standing audio enthusiast from Portugal who is resident in the UK and someone I have been exchanging emails with for quite a period of time and it dawned on me that harnessing his enthusiasm for audio and AIHFA would be a worthwhile venture and this show report is the first fruits of that process.

English is not Fernando’s first language so unlike other articles submitted I have with his permission edited a bit more than I would normally.

So welcome aboard Fernando.



‘No, no, no, nobody dies, nobody kills’, like the famous U2 song of the 80,s about Ireland, this title means that AudioJumble is still a great reference for all things Vintage audio, still available in the UK. The Tonebridge show is a successful one, my eyes could not believe what they saw, lot’s of people at 9.00 cued up outside in the frozen morning and also during the course of the day, but the atmosphere inside The Angel Leisure Centre was warm and all people were happy, including myself – buying lot’s of bargains.

The opening hours from 10:30am cost £5, but if you go before this time the cost is £10 and this gets you access to the early bird bargains and I found really nice bargains, so £10 is a small price I think to get access to these items.

From a few months ago the train from London to Tonbridge, now stops at Sevenoaks so I had to get the bus from Sevenoaks to Tonbridge. I don’t know why this has happened, maybe because it is a Sunday, but everything works perfectly, between British Rail and the buses and I arrive safely and on time

When I arrived at Sevenoaks to take the Bus to Tonbridge, I think, the guys also waiting looked like they might be going to the Audiojumble, and the bus became completely full, and this impression was confirmed when I saw people running fast like Usain Bolt, toward the Leisure Centre’s Main entrance – after the bus stopped at the temporary terminal Bus stop. I was pretty shocked to see this, as it was only 9.00 am, and the doors don’t open until 9:30 (That’s the British for you Fernando they love a bargain and will not only will they queue but also run to get one Ed)

Many people were inside, early on, and buying loudspeakers, amplifiers, speaker stands, cables, everything; while others were still waiting outside in the big queue – lot’s of people were waiting.

For me, days like these make me feel so happy, my wife didn’t come this time, but she has before and knows the Audiojumble well. Each time that I have come to Tonbridge before my happiness grows, as this show embodies a vibe only the British can do.


Tonbridge is waiting for me, in a few minutes minutes I will arrive.

Lot’s of people in the queue for the Audiojumble

Leisure Centre and still the queue

Polish Audio products are represented at the event and good products too from Gpoint Audio in the form of Lampizator Dac, Ancient Audio speakers and amplifier from Linear Audio Research.

More from Poland

Vincent Luke from ifi-audio-com, explains to an audience what turntables and DAC can do, using iFi audios new iphono and i Dac, i am really surprised by what I heard.

ifi-audio.com and your famous Turntable (the Track Audio LP12) with a singular and usual MC cartridge from Denon, great sound indeed. This is a good example of what analogue reproduction can do.

More dream turntables

Great vintage Technics turntable.

Mission Speakers, another piece of resistence build by Stuart Harris, bring back the old Mission times

Onkyo, ”a good serial killer” in the past, but today still the dream of many people, a big music giant.

A cup of tea and a break are needed before I continue exploring the Audiojumble

Second half begin’s at the Angel L.Centre

Lot’s of people, fantastic atmosphere, warm inside, cold and freezing outside

More Turntables

Many people looking for Holly Grail, maybe they have found it……

There are bargains here, a famous one and one of the first Mike Creek amplifier’s. The seller was a nice kind guy too.

My Bargain at only £40, a Marantz amplifier PM-40 Special Edition, in mint condition, I an now playing it in my flat.

And the journey, ends, I am so happy but I will have to wait for the next Audiojumble on the, 6th of October to get another fix of vintage audio delights.

© Text Copyright and all photos 2013 Fernando Barbosa

NB No part or portion of this article may be reproduced or quoted without written permission, failure to do so may result in legal proceedings.

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