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Adventures in High Fidelity Audio seeks to offer a level playing field for the reviewing of audio equipment and music. To that end this title aims to be non-partisan, avoiding audio politics and is thus an open door to any source of quality two channel equipment.

Listed below is our reviewing guide.

Sources of Review Product…

Adventures in High Fidelity Audio (hereafter AIHFA) obtains its review equipment from the following sources…

Manufacturers and distributors submitting new and current products for formal review.

Retailer loans (Items loaned in this way receive no mention as AIHFA does not include advertising)

End user owner loans.

Vintage/classic equipment- items which we beg, borrow or buy.

Music – because we love music we own and buy a lot of it, but we’re always looking for the new & interesting.

We are always looking for products to review, so whether you are a new company just starting out or a long established one we would like to hear from you. The AIHFA door is open to all, including those who sell direct. If you would like to discuss a review you can E-mail me at


Why we review…..

Firstly not for financial gain, as AIHFA is a non- commercial, not for profit title, with no income.

It has long been a bone of contention among audio enthusiasts that perhaps advertising pays for reviews, since there is no advertising in AIHFA that possible area of mistrust between the reader, the publisher and the writer has hopefully been removed.

In the case of AIHFA, the owner/publisher and any of the titles reviewers, write because they want to share their passion for music reproduction and how the equipment we all might use sounds. In AIHFA there are no absolutes, all the review conclusions should, and indeed must, be taken in the light of the systems and rooms they are reviewed in and also with the particular interests/bias of the reviewer. Please keep in mind that your room, system, interests and bias may not match our reviewers.

How we review…..

All reviews are arranged by and through the owner/publisher and not the reviewer, unless that reviewer is the owner/publisher.

All the products we review will be given the fullest possible chance to shine. That means each and every item is fully ‘run in’ and system synergy is taken into account as is any additional requirements to wring every ounce of performance from the review component.

At no time will a reviewer be matched up with an item that does not suit their system, listening room, likes or dislikes.

The reviewer will always seek to engage with the loan source right at the start of the review process, to find out everything they can about the product and to establish a bass line level of performance expectation. By doing this faulty or carrier damaged items can be weeded out and any valuable set up insights can be acted on, thus saving the reviewers valuable time and preventing a poor review due to equipment that is not performing as it should, either because it is damaged or is not set up properly.

Only when a reviewer and the owner/publisher are happy that the review is complete will it be published. We will endevour to make sure all technical specifications and information contained within are accurate and to that end the review will be submitted to the loan source manufacturer/distributor before publication. However the conclusions reached in that review will not be open to change.

Loan periods…..

It would be the ideal that all reviews be concluded in no longer than three months after the loan period begins and ideally before that. In order to facilitate quicker review turn round times, if manufacturer/distributors can supply review stock that has already been run in that ideally would be preferred.

Many items of modern audio equipment require long run in times for whatever reason and AIHFA wants all of its reviews to be conducted with fully run in products, so that the final review conclusions are based on final performances, rather than guess work based on how a product might sound after being fully run in. It is my opinion and experience that quite often this factor is vital in being able to properly review a product and is too often overlooked or ignored to meet publishing deadlines elsewhere; this will not be the case on Adventures in High Fidelity Audio.

From time to time a reviewer may wish to extend a loan period for further comparisons but this will only occur if the loan source is agreeable and may be terminated at any time they see fit. However a reviewer should inform/ask permission of the loan source (though the owner/publisher) if they will be using the loaned item in an upcoming review. A period of one week’s notice should be given to the reviewer when the loan item is needed back.

Supply and collection of review items….

We require that all bar very small loan items (things that can be returned in a jiffy bag/small box at very low cost) are delivered and collected at the loan sources’ own cost. We also request that manufactures and distributors liaise carefully with the reviewer in order to arrange deliveries at the reviewers convenience – there is no point in sending an item when they are not going to be in to receive it.

All items received will be checked for possible damage (to the best of the reviewers ability) and signed for accordingly. If damaged the sender will be informed as soon as possible to arrange collection and allow them to pursue the carrier for compensation.

Trade accommodation….

From time to time, after the review process is complete and a review is published a reviewer may wish to purchase the review item. If that is the case, all such requests must be placed through the owner/publisher of AIHFA who will, if the supplier is amenable to such a request, organize such a purchase for them. In the event of a successful purchase, the reviewer must hold onto the bought item for a period of one year from the date of the completed sale and at no time, even after the one year period is over (if they still contribute to AIHFA), can that reviewer seek to profit from the sale of that item. It must therefore be sold for the price that it was purchased for, or less. These rules only apply to items bought at a trade accommodation price from a review/trade source while the reviewer writes for Adventures in High Fidelity Audio.

Misunderstandings can occur, so to avoid them……

At no time must a reviewer be offered an accommodation purchase (or gift) from a manufacturer or distributor during or before a review period. In the event of such an occurrence, the reviewer must inform the owner/publisher as soon as possible, an investigation will occur and based on the outcome the review process may be terminated.

If an AIHFA reviewer has asked to purchase an item or asked for a gift before or during a review then the owner/publisher of AIHFA must be made aware of this immediately. The incident will be investigated and as a result of that investigation that reviewer may be removed from the title.

Neil (owner/publisher/reviewer)

NB No part or portion of this article may be reproduced or quoted without written permission.

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