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Well its only just over a week now until the National Audio Show will be held at Whittlebury Hall and Adventures in High Fidelity Audio will be attending; so I look forward to seeing  you all at the show.

Over the last few weeks a number of very interesting key events have been revealed for the show by The Chester Group, including performances by Jess Childs (this looks very interesting indeed) and a series of seminars.  So here are the most recent show news updates.

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Jess Childs

Recent History

Back in the early part of 2009, Steve Elford was having a very leisurely conversation with a man called Julian Lewis. They were actually in a motorcycle shop, talking of course about that insane and risky passion that is riding bikes. Julian happened to ask what Steve did for a living, so the subject of Vertex AQ came up, and the conversation moved on to their other joint passion, music. And Julian told Steve how he was playing guitar for a girl called Jess Childs, who really was a rather exceptional singer/songwriter in Julian’s view. Julian asked Steve “if someone can sing really very well, how do we get recognition, and some really decent recordings done?”. “Not sure” replied Steve, “but I can certainly find out”!

Steve went and heard Jess play of course (and was suitably impressed), then started the ball rolling by inviting her and Julian to play at the National Audio Show 2009. And there, Steve had arranged for other industry leaders to see and hear her, with the idea of finding out if other people would be equally impressed.

Well of course they were. Joe Reynolds (Nordost) in particular agreed that Jess indeed was pretty damn good. That meeting resulted in a year of hard work, refinement and a lot of time in a recording studio – and the production of an EP with 4 outstanding tracks.

Now as we are coming up to NAS 2010, it seems very sensible to bring Jess along to the show this year – so that she can perform and promote her EP. Jess and Julian will be performing throughout both days of NAS 2010, in the Chequers Courtyard. Please go and have a listen if you are going to the show.


Welsh singer songwriter Jess Childs has been a favourite on the Mid-Wales circuit since she was a teenager, but the last few years have seen her catchy acoustic melodies reaching a lot more listeners. Born into a musical family and raised in a rural farmhouse, her childhood was overshadowed by her mother’s love for Bob Dylan and the nagging presence of a folk guitar propped up in the kitchen corner.

Naturally, both elements spilled into later life and by adulthood she was playing her way across the region at festivals, art centres and other live music events.

In 2008 her appearance on BBC Radio Wales brought her soulful voice to more ears than ever before, and with the help of guitarist Julian Lewis, her profile has gone from strength to strength. This year she was invited back to perform at the world-renowned Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival and also took her place at the Brecon Jazz Festival for the fifth year running.

For more information on Jess, visit her myspace page here.

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The National Audio Show ’10

In Association with BBC Music Magazine

Whittlebury Hall 25th – 26th September

The seminars will take place at the top end of The Brooklands Suite, at the opposite end to the Main show reception.

There is no need to pre-book, as there is ample seating.

Frank Vermeylen

International Sales Consultant. Synergistic Research

12pm Saturday and Sunday

topic: Mathematics and sound…reality in hifi sense or nonsense.

Peter Stenberg

Sales Manager. Audiovector

1pm Saturday and Sunday

topic: topic: Loudspeaker design

HIFICRITIC’s Martin Colloms two part clinic

2pm Saturday and Sunday

topic: How to put together an £80,000 high end audio system’, and ‘All you need to know about audio cables’

AJ van den Hul

3pm Saturday and Sunday

topic: Cable Technology



Experience ‘Multi-Channel Wide Bandwidth Soundscape’ presented by the legend that is Ken Ishiwata.

Ken Ishiwata in conjunction with Jordan Acoustics will be personally hosting this very exciting demonstration. Ken will also be available to answer questions after each presentation.

Other seminars and timed demos taking place around the show include

Bringing Audio Measurement Techniques Into The Real World

5pm Saturday & 11am Sunday – Location: Hockenheim

Aquity/Nordost/Vertex AQ

These are follow-up seminars from the ones we organized last year, and report on advances in the technique that have led to an exciting new possibility.

Alan Sircom – Hi-Fi Plus Editor

12pm & 3pm Saturday – 12pm & 2pm Sunday

Following on from his ‘Back to Basics’ series, Hi-Fi Plus Editor Alan Sircom will be running timed demonstrations, showing how getting the fundamentals right can transform the sound of any system.

Devialet D-Premier amplifier from Paris

There will be an exclusive premiere showing of the outstanding Devialet D-Premier amplifier from Paris, a taste of what can be expected will be showcased on the KJ West stand.

In conjunction with the Absolute Sounds team KJ will take bookings for exclusive auditions in the exhibition suite ‘Catalunya’ Here you can enjoy the full potential of this chic design.

For KJ Hi-Fi Concierge members there will be refreshments made available on both show days.

Henley Designs

Henley Design distributor of quality budget to high-end products will announce and show a number of new products at NAS 2010. These will including new products from Roksan including the M2 CD player and matching integrated amplifier.

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