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The Sound and Vision Show 2010 organised by Cloney Audio of Blackrock Dublin will be on at Bewleys Hotel Ballsbridge Dublin this Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of November 2010.

You can read more about this show below.


Sound & Vision Show 2010

Following the success of last years Bewleys Home Entertainment event Cloney Audio have decided to hold an even bigger, better event this year at Bewleys Hotel, Ballsbridge on the weekend of November 13/14th, (same weekend as “Toys for Big Boys“ across the road at the RDS). Please note we are not referring to this event as a ‘full on’ Hi-Fi Show – we would need 25-30 rooms with many more exhibitors – just like our Burlington Shows in the past, however we will have seven rooms containing some of the most interesting products around for you to see and hear. And there’s no admission fee – it’s free entry!


Arcam will be showing their stunning new rCube iPod dock system – which is both mains operated and also runs on an internal rechargeable battery and lasts up to 8 hours at normal volume levels and 3-4 hours when played at high levels. The rCube incorporates Kleer technology allowing playback from Bluetooth enabled iPods™ and other MP3 players, the rDock is expected to sell for £500,00 – and we will be giving one away at Bewleys in our free competition!

Arcam will also be demonstrating the stunning new Solo Neo all in one system and their ever popular Solo Mini with Muso speakers. In addition the AVR 600 amplifier will be on demonstration using Blu Ray. Hi-fi separates will also be on display including Arcam’s new affordable high quality Dac – the rDac.

Bowers & Wilkins

B&W will be exhibiting the stunning new 800 range – if you thought the old ones were good, just wait until you hear the new models! Classe audio from Canada will be providing the amplifiers and CD players for this demonstration. In addition, B&W’s multi award winning MT25 home cinema package will be on demonstration using Denon electronics. Bowers & Wilkins’ stand alone home cinema system the Panorama will also be there as well as the Multi Award Winning 600 series, CM Series and Rotel’s latest amplifiers and CD players will be on demo as well. Of course, the ever popular Zeppelin and Mini Zeppelin iPod™ docking systems and the P5 Headphones will also be on demonstration.

Meridian/ Sooloos

Meridian will be demonstrating their Sooloos system which can store up to 1000 CD’s in ultra high quality which can be accessed instantly using Meridian’s own classy touch screen controller or via free downloaded apps using an Apple iTouch™, iPhone™ or iPad™. In addition Meridian will be demonstrating high end and 5.1 Home Cinema using their well established active speaker systems. Meridian will also be showing their brand new ultra classy all in one compact system the M80.

Cyrus and Spendor

As last year Cyrus will be showing their multi award winning products including the CD6se, “What Hi-Fi” CD player of the year and the CD8se plus their equally impressive range of amplifiers including the 8XP, 8XPd, 8XPdQx and entry level 6XP. In addition other products from the Cyrus range will be on display – with the possibility of an exciting new product! During the past number of years Cyrus have received multiple 5 star reviews for virtually every product in their range – with good reason – the products sound and look great!

Cyrus will be shown with Spendor speakers including the ever popular A5 and A6 models.


Sonos are the undisputed leaders in wireless multi-room technology and as Ireland’s largest installer of Sonos products we are delighted to welcome them to our show at Bewleys. All the usual Sonos units will be on display including the superb single box S5 system. In addition to providing complete multi room solutions, Sonos will also interface with just about any existing Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system allowing access to thousands of tunes or radio stations – at the touch of a button.

Nordost (Lars is back!)

Anyone who attends major Hi-Fi Shows like the Munich Show will immediately recognize Lars Kristensen – always informative and entertaining. Lars can and will show you just how much difference cables and isolation products make to any Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system!

I recall attending the Brtistol Hi-fi Show in 2008 where Lars was using high end Eben speakers with Burmeister amplification and an Arcam CD player – on this occasion Lars was showing us the importance of Mains cables and insisted on using Nordost’s least expensive speaker cable for the demonstration – the Spellbinder which sells for €8.00/ mtr. Lars started the demo by playing some music on the system using the supplied IEC mains lead by Arcam. He then hit the amplifier mute button – ensuring the volume level and all other settings remained as before – then switched the mains cable on the CD player for a Nordost Majus which sells for €149.00 – released the mute and hit “play” on the CD player – everybody in the room was stunned by the improvement in sound quality – then Lars pointed out he was demonstrating Nordost’s least expensive mains cable – the better ones improve things even more, not to mention Nordost’s Q Base and Quantum mains products – that’s before we even get to interconnect and speaker cables – in this case hearing is believing!

Nordost will be using the excellent range of Primare amplifiers and CD players and a range of System Audio speakers from Denmark will be introduced. We will have lots of Nordost products for sale at the show including the Nordost very special CD – all will be available at special show discounts!

Panasonic 3D TV will be on demonstration and large screen presentations will be using a JVC Projector.


One of Germanys leading loudspeaker manufacturers, Elac are well known for their use of the Heil Air Motion Transformer Ribbon Tweeters in their more upmarket models, however Elac make a wide range of speakers including the ultra tiny Micromagic 2.1 system which consists of two very compact (about the size of a cup of coffee) main speakers and the worlds smallest sub woofer – this system will be on demonstration and I guarantee you simply will not believe your ears. In addition the speakers are very well finished in Piano Black or Gloss White. Elac will also be showing some of their new active speakers – Elac speakers are precision made in Germany.


We will be showing the multi-award winning Clearaudio Concept turntable (incl. “What Hi-Fi” Product of the year 2010). Precision built in Germany the Concept sounds fantastic, looks great and is as easy to set-up as a CD player. The Concept uses a very clever tonearm incorporating friction free magnetic bearings which helps to provide the amazing level of sound quality for the price. In addition we will be showing some of the more exotic Clearaudio models.

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