Oct 082013

Sunday just past saw the second of the biannual vintage audio buy, sell, swap and meet events take place in its usual venue of the Angel Leisure Centre, Tonbridge, Kent and Adventures in High Fidelity Audio show reporter Fernando Barbosa was on site to take the following images that give a snap shot of the audio delights that can be found at one of audio enthusiasts most cherished events – where all kinds of current and vintage audio equipment can be seen, bought or swapped.

The next Audio Jumble will be held on Sunday 9th Febuary 2014 – same location.



And the journey begin's_1024x768

A superb  NAGRA, from Switzerland. Sold Quickly, like Rooney goals_1024x768

A great bargain_1024x768

Gorgeous Deck_1024x768

Making history_1024x768

More Turntables (1)_1024x768

I never see this before, and many other's ´´Jumbler's '' too_1024x768

Black Widow, no, only a beatifull box with a old record player_1024x768

Quad II on stage,  and one of the best Act's._1024x768

Mr. Mo Iqbal come back and see this..._1024x768

Once upon a time, born a litle cassette..._1024x768

Sweet child memories - Part III_1024x768

Sweet child memories - Part II_1024x768

The Man in Black, Mordant Short and lovely stands, old times_1024x768

Sweet child memories - I_1024x768

The Empire of the sun allways present_1024x768

See you all next year – Fernando

See you next year 2014, maybe in February  and my litle van full of AudioJumble bargains_1024x768

Audio Jumble – Details of next years  http://www.audiojumble.co.uk/Next%20Event.htm


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