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It is hard to believe that the last major audio show to be held in Northern Ireland was back in the year 2000. Since then those interested in specialist audio/video have had to make a trip to the mainland, to visit one of the specialists shows held there; of which there are quite a few to choose from. You can read about one such show here… (1)

The other poorer option was to visit the local Ideal Home Exhibition or Home Builders Show. These events only payed lip service to having any real selection of quality audio or video products on display and it would really only be pot luck if you actually saw or heard any there.

So after 10 years there is now a new show, with new organisation to visit and it will simply be called the Northern Ireland Audio Show. This exhibition is scheduled to happen on the 6th to 7th of November this year.

This independent show being organised by Gr8 Events UK will include the very best Two Channel Audio, Home Cinema and Custom Install products from leading manufacturers and distributors.

Anne of Gr8 had this to say about the forthcoming show to Adventures in High Fidelity Audio……

“The Northern Ireland Audio Show is being solely organised by Gr8 Events UK and will have a very different look and feel to those currently available inside the UK (Outside of the Premier UK Bristol, Sound and Vision Show ).

Gr8 Events has over 25 years of event organisation and show promotions under its belt.   Everything from AGM, open days, conferencing, seminars and exhibitions, both in the public and private sectors (with an attendance ranging from 30 to over 20,000).  Be these bespoke or out on road through UK and Europe.

The show will have a very professional and relaxed feel to it, including high quality dedicated staff on hand throughout the show to help guide, not just the attendees, but to help the exhibitors maximise their potential exposure to the visiting public. Signage will be a first order priority with a very clear marking profile to promote the event well in advance.

Realistic accommodation fees for both exhibitors and visitors alike, negotiated food drink packages available all day, special guests and magazine seminars (Hifi Plus will be exhibiting along with a few others).”

I for one welcome the independent nature of this show, which will insure a non-partisan approach. This will mean that for the first time, this particular show will offer a complete home entertainment experience to the public at large and all of this will be available under one roof.

In the past single dealer organised shows, while valuable, could only offer the brands that particular retailer stocked and thus limited the exposure to a narrow range of products. The Northern Ireland Audio Show will be very broad in the scope of the brands available to see and hear and thus offers the fullest possible audio and video experience to those who attend. It promises to be quite an event, so make sure you don’t miss it.

The venue will be the Stormont Hotel in the picturesque east of Belfast, near the magnificent local parliament buildings.

I am very pleased to say that Adventures in High Fidelity Audio will be attending this event and will be planning to bring you a report of the show more or less as it happens each day.

It is too early at this stage to give many details but what details there are and future updates too, will be available at www.niaudioshow.com

(1) http://www.adventuresinhifiaudio.com/01/04/2010/london-hi-fidelity-2010-show-report-part-one/


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