Nov 052010

Sunday just past saw a mini audio show or Bake-Off take place, sponsored by Richard Dunn of NVA / Hi-Fi Subjectivist forum, and coordinated by a bunch of audio enthusiasts good drawn from the HiFi Subjectivist, Wigwam and PFM forums, plus a few members from the Art of Sound forum.

The mini enthusiasts show was held at the Marriott Hotel Waltham Abbey, just off Junction 26 of the M25.

Five good sized rooms were each given over to a different theme, the plan being to have the opportunity to swap in and out different bits of gear while keeping certain fixed points of reference during the proceedings.

There was a Turntable, Loudspeaker, Cables Interconnects and Mains Conditioners, Computer Audio and Amplifiers Room

What follows is a Gallery of images taken at the event.

The Turntable Room

Loudspeaker Room

Cables, Interconnects and Mains Conditioners Room

Computer Audio Room

Amplifier Room

Sadly Adventures in High Fidelity Audio was unable to attend this event so I have Nick to thank for allowing me to use his pictures .

By all accounts this was an enjoyable event though it is with great regret that I learnt that Richard Dunn had most of his equipment stolen after the show. I hope that those who stole his equipment are caught and that his NVA gear is found safe and sound and returned to him.


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