May 272011

Firstly I must thank Roy Collins for taking my SD card all the way to Germany and taking as many photos as he has. Secondly the coverage of this show is not to the usual AIHFA standard as Roy is not a HiFi journalist, nor an AIHFA writer but simply an audio enthusiast, who I have know for many years, who agreed to take an AIHFA SD card to the show.

My brief  to him was simple, you’re there to enjoy the show on your own time and please only take the photos after you have done everything you want to do for yourself; which is what he did. It seemed to me to be hardly fair to saddle Roy with the same brief as I give myself for covering audio shows. Frankly I think Munich would be an impossibility for one man to cover properly, to the same level of depth, as I do the much smaller UK shows. If AIHFA ever attempts the Munich show, officially, I know I will need to take a team of writers to do it justice.

However what AIHFA can do at this time is present you dear reader with a montage of photos showing some really exciting, cutting edge  High-End audio products and a few vintage items as well.

There were some European firsts at this show including a host of new products from UK company EAR, these included the the Mk 3 version of the Acute CD player, EAR 24 Bit Digital Audio Interface (DAC) and a new EAR HP4 6sl7 valve headphone amplifier.

Fletcher Audio’s Omega .3 turntable was on show. The audio world still morns the passing of Tom Fletcher a giant of the art of analogue reproduction.

ArcMaster had their new universal tonearm alignment protractor on display. This one covers most makes and all the alignment lines are etched into the mirrored surface.

New name to me Burgmann had several interesting turntables on show (all mounted with air bearing linear tonearms)in the form of the Magne and Sindre.

There were also new products from Clearaudio, Burmeister, Continum,  YBA, MBL, Transrotar, TW-Acoustics, Audio Tekne, Avantgarde, Acapella, Acoustic Plan, Bergmann, Thales tonearm, Audiostone Pythagoras, Funk Firm, Acoustic Solid, Eat/Forte, Zen Audio, Vitus Audio, Ascendo, Magneplanar and  Cessaro on show too.


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