Sep 222010

As its nearly time for this years National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall 25th and 26th September (this weekend) I thought I would share with you the best photos I took from these two past shows, in order to wet your appetite for the forthcoming report on the NAS 2010 show.


The HiFi News Show at the Penta Hotel and The London HiFi Show Park Inn Heathrow 2006

As way to much time has past by to offer any sort of report on these shows, its my pleasure instead to offer a montage of photos of some very stunning looking gear namely the likes of the Clear Audio Statement turntable, Sati amplification, Shanling CD Players, Pathos Acoustics amplification and CD Player, AMR CD-77, Musical Fidelity, Acoustic Solid turntable, Cartridge Man’s tonearm and MBL Electronics to name a few.

Most of the early photos are from the last HiFi News show and the later ones from the first major Chester Group Show at the Park Inn. This show eventually morphed into the National Audio Show and moved from the Park Inn location to Whittlebury Hall.



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