Apr 102013
THE ABBINGDON MUSIC RESEARCH DP777 DAC.... 'Crossing the Rubicon or How I learnt to Love Computer Audio'

A few words before the review. I am well aware this review is quite late – it should have been completed and published Dec 2012 and is also now out of sequence so to speak with the Wireworld USB cable reviews and the iFi Audio iDAC and iUSB Power reviews which should have followed it […]

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Dec 232011
TRUSOUNDZ CABLES PART ONE....The 'Revelation' Balanced & Unbalanced interconnects and Speaker Cable

Around about the same time that LW Audio sent me the Stereoknight Silverstone and Enigma pre-amplifiers to review, I was also sent a quantity of cables from TrusoundZ, a cable brand I had not come across before visiting the March Heathrow HiFi Show at the Park Inn, where LW Audio distributors of SteroKnight were using […]

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Sep 092011

Shortly after receiving the StereoKnight Silverstone B&R passive magnetic pre-amplifier that I reviewed positively recently, its bigger brother the Enigma 1.0R arrived. The much larger box the delivery man brought to my front door gave the game away re the difference in size between the two pre-amplifiers; the Enigma is at least twice as big. […]

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