Jul 222014
Murray Dick  - 15/7/14 - The Passing Of A Genius

It was with great sadness that I learn’t yesterday that Murray Dick (Jack Williams online nick-name) owner, designer, manufacture of EcoFan Audio had died suddenly. I recall the first time I encountered one of Murray’s designs a fairly plain, slightly old fashioned and truth be told not particularly inspiring looking valve amplifier that a customer [...]

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Dec 242013
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

I want to wish all the Adventures in High Fidelity Audio readers, contributors, manufacturers and distributors world wide and their families a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and healthy New Year, without your ongoing support, encouragement and items to review AIHFA would be an impossible venture. Thank you for making AIHFA possible.   Regards [...]

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Dec 032013
Using EMT TSD cartridges in non-EMT arms

This may only be of a niche interest to a tiny minority of readers. However there is some interest in using these professional cartridges in domestic audio systems where the tonearm uses the widespread and conventional SME/EIA bayonet fixing [1]. Introduction First of all it has to be understood that EMT cartridges were specifically designed [...]

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Oct 032013

Among the top of the heap topics to generate nuclear exchanges on audio forums would be, ‘do cables make a difference/improvement over basic cables?’ And this type of hotly debated thread, be it signal cables or mains cables focussed will usually end in circular arguments between those who can hear differences and those who can’t, [...]

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